We use an application called DocuSign to electronically send and get documents signed. Here are some step by step instructions to sign and return this to us.

You will receive an email from us with a link to the document. Once you receive the email, click the green button titled Review Document.

Once on the document page, you'll need to agree to the Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure. Tick the box to agree the click the green continue button.

Read through the terms and conditions in the document. Then on the final page you'll need to sign and complete some details. Before you do that, check the very end of the document. This is where you'll find the schedule of work and costs. By signing, you are telling us that you agree to the terms and conditions and that the schedule is correct.

Then, move to add your signature. This is above the schedule. Type your name in the box then click the yellow signature button.

You can either accept the digital signature provided or draw your own. The option to change this is just above the signature images, Click Adopt and Sign.

Then, fill out the boxes in the next section. This helps us to prepare for the course. Once all is done click Finish. This will complete the document and return it to us.

If you need us then please give us a call. We'll walk you through the process.
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